If, I too copy others one day?

Baby cuckoo enjoyed being in the crow’s nest,
Fellow baby crow thought he too was the best,
Everyone enjoys listening when a cuckoo sings,
But to a crow, when it tries, an ear none gives,
Not much is achieved by being in a good company,
Neither one gets spoilt, merely by a bad company,
What if dogs and cats,in a house, grow together,
Dogs can’t be cats and cats too can bark neither,
If one knows about himself and keeps his goal in mind,
One or the other day, definitely, his goal one would find,
To imitate others, my dear, you should try in life, never,
Expect others too to be like you, you should neither ,
I truly like and respect you, just for what you are today,
Would you appreciate me, if, I too copy others one day?

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